3-9-21, The Hunting Collective Podcast, with Ben O'Brien, Episode 168, "Looking for Leaders, Aldo Leopold's Green Fire, and Wisconsin's Wolf Hunt Drama": Ben O'Brien and I talked a bit about parenting before focusing on Wisconsin's 3-day wolf hunt in late February, which I consider a black eye for Wisconsin and scientific wildlife management:  https://omny.fm/shows/the-hunting-collective/ep-168-looking-for-leaders-aldo-leopolds-green-fir?fbclid=IwAR1BcjehvVp-S4sjb9oKBvjJ6hpEkIQ4rCWKoHMdvNr1M-qoo5X1eUX6BPI

12-10-20, Scheels Hometown Heroes Award: I was honored in December 2020 as a "Hometown Hero" for my service in the U.S. Navy during the late 1970s. The interview includes some great scenes of my cedar-strip rowboat in action. http://www.americanheroesoutdoors.com/scheels-hometown-hero-patrick-durkin/


5-4-20, The Hunting Collective Podcast, with Ben O'Brien, Episode 124: My first THC appearance. I discuss my MeatEater article about New York City's expensive and dubious deer-vasectomy program.


4-29-20, Larry Meiller Show, Outdoor Writers Roundtable Discussion with me, Dean Bortz and Tim Eisele. This 90-minute roundtable is held two to three times annually. We discussed spring wildlife topics in Wisconsin, including the DNR conservation hearings, the effects of coronavirus on outdoor activities, and plans for the prairie chicken.


11-12-19, Vortex Nation Podcast, with Mark Boardman, Jimmy Hamilton and Erik Barber: The four of us talked in-depth about the rut, its timing, hunting tactics for rutting whitetails, and other good stuff. https://vortex-nation-podcast.simplecast.com/episodes/ep-98-what-what-in-the-rut-with-pat-durkin-5jvQzQeV

10-29-19, Central Time, Wisconsin Public Radio, with Rob Ferrett: The Effects of Lead from Hunting on Other Wildlife. I offered a few thoughts on copper bullets, lead contamination from lead ammo, and a quick take on chronic wasting disease. https://www.wpr.org/effect-lead-hunting-other-wildlife

10-9-19, Larry Meiller Show, Outdoor Writers Roundtable Discussion with me, Dean Bortz and Tim Eisele. This 90-minute roundtable is held three to four times annually. We take turns answering questions from Larry and his listeners: https://www.wpr.org/shows/nature-and-wildlife-writers-round-table

Late September 2019, Hunt For Real Podcast, with Tony Peterson: Facing the Uncertain Future of Hunting. Episode 26. This is my first appearance on Tony's podcast. Tony's a smart, well-rounded, informed hunter and communicator. https://www.instagram.com/p/B25Df8jFQum/?igshid=10atwlt864moo 

August 2019, Wired To Hunt Podcast, with Mark Kenyon: How Deer See, Hear, Smell and Survive. Episode 294. My first appearance on Mark's popular podcast: https://www.themeateater.com/listen/wired-to-hunt/ep-294-how-deer-see-hear-smell-and-survive-with-pat-durkin

July 2019, Central Time—Wisconsin Public Radio: My Take on the DNR's Latest Non-Response to CWD


7-9-19, When the Hunt Calls: Clifford Cadet, @urbanarcherynyc, had me on his Instagram Live show. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZUfbKbbgCU

6-24-19, The Bryant Land Podcast: I was honored to be Bryant's guest on his podcast. We discussed my recent MeatEater article, "Is Hunting Too White?,"  which is available at TheMeatEater.com.


Fresh Take, WHBY Radio, 6-24-19; Durkin segment at the 41-minute mark. We discuss summer outdoor fun stuff, such as running, fishing, and a listener's grudge against fishing tournaments.


#TeamEarlyAF- Episode 60: Outdoor Roundtable w/ Patrick Durkin, TJ Hauge and Chris Sheets


Fresh Take, WHBY Radio, 5-21-19; Durkin segment at the 38-minute mark.


Vortex Podcast, 11-1-2018: "A Squirrel Hunt and a Dang Good Conversation with Patrick Durkin"