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As the Wildlife-Research Contributing Writer for MeatEater, I draw on my extensive contacts at universities and wildlife agencies nationwide to report on biological and sociological research into hunting, hunters, fishing, anglers, fish and wildlife. Through one-on-one interviews and by reading scientific literature, I provide the latest insights into wildlife behavior and biology.

Click the link below for my latest articles:


MeatEater Podcast, Episode 172, "Wrath of the Birders." Recorded at MeatEater HQ in Bozeman, Montana.

Meateater Podcast 129: Live from  Minneapolis

MeatEater Podcast 110, Upnorth


MeatEater Podcast 109, Hunter Harassment


MeatEater Podcast 68, Steven Rinella talks with the outdoor writer Pat Durkin


MeatEater Podcast 66, Steven  Rinella talks turkey hunting with Pat Durkin, Doug Duren, Janis Putelis and Dirt Myth


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